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❛ i know i’m goin’ to hell. do you?

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the broken man | frank castle

❛ you hit ‘em and they get back up,
i hit ‘em and they stay down!

THE SOUND OF YOUR CHILDREN LAUGHING, YOUR WIFE BY YOUR SIDE. A PERFECT, SUBURBAN WHITE PICKET FENCE FAMILY. it is the best life you’ve ever dreamed of having and then is taken away faster than anything you’ve ever lost, much more painful than the past war you’ve gone through. they’re dead now, and you go on a bloody rampage to avenge them, kill the bastard who killed them, and now all you know is broken noses, sleepless nights and poorly bandaged wounds — with the occasional side of saving someone in danger and shoving the scum bag who put them there six feet under ground. a broken, damaged man.THIS IS THE LIFE OF FRANK CASTLE, THE PUNISHER, feared by many of men. he takes and takes and he kills. if you suspect you may be on his radar, hide and pray he does not find you.

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❛ one batch, two batch…
penny and dime.

DEMISEXUAL + DEMIROMANTIC FRANK CASLTE ANON , penned by daniel. established dec 16 2021. follows most of canon material with a bit of my own opinions and headcanons. multiships only, no mainships. multifandom, fandomless, oc && self insert friendly. semi-lit to lit preferred, but one liners are fine too. followbacks are usually guaranteed. will not interact with doubles. it is NOT personal, just a preference.

⚠️ CONTENT WARNINGS: if you interact with this account you may find yourself exposed to triggering topics such as:

  • mass murder

  • government corruption + police corruption

  • PTSD, nightmares, insomnia, panic attacks

  • depictions of blood, injury, death (child and adult), violence and very occasionally, gore.

  • depictions and mentions of war.

  • suicidal ideation + suicidal tendencies.

  • overall whump (the suffering of fictional characters.)